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My name is Paul Ash, a college student, and this is my project. I have joined thousands of people worldwide in an effort to publicize this new hobby, chip collecting. Below is a small FAQ I made for people who have no idea what my site, or chip collecting is about.

What are rare CPUs?

Rare CPU's are hard to find computer chips, varying from Intel, AMD, Cyrix and hundreds more computer chip producers of the past and present. Because of the nature of computers and technology, products have a very short shelf life. This short shelf life (created by the demand of people for newer and better technology) forced chip manufacturers to redesign and improve their products every year. This means only a handful of the most important technology which revolutionized humanity exist today. Such an example would be the Intel C4004, which is the first microprocessor ever made by Intel Corporation.

What is Chip Collecting?

Chip collecting is the finding and storing of rare processors. This is a new hobby which is emerging as fast and as strong as the technology it came from. Its community has grown world wide, sprouting to Canada, Europe, and even reaching CPU enthusiasts as far as Russia and China, to join the search for rare processors.


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