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Links to other chip collector sites I recommend visiting (In alphabetical order)s

(in Polish and English). Collection of mostly x86 processors with pictures. Very useful information on x86 microprocessor families. Information about manufacturers. Trade list. Collection is grouped by manufacturer.
These pages are dedicated to the history of computer and information technology. Here you'll find hundreds of news, images and curiosity that will allow you to revive this fascinating history.
Visit my gallery with 160 vintage CPUs of mine, made by over 40 different manufacturers.
((in Chinese and English) Dedicated "Engineering Samples" page. Trade list. Resource page. Forum (in Chinese). The collections are grouped by three different ways: collector and then family, family and manufacturer, and manufacturer and family.
        Superb collection of mostly Intel chips starting from Intel 4004 to Pentium 4/Xeon/Itanium. Descriptions of processor families. Articles related to CPU collecting. Trade list. Links. Guestbook. Collection is grouped by manufacturer and then by family.
  Awesome site that has a lot of cool Soviet CPUs/chips, as well as many other non-Soviet CPU/FPU/BSP/MCU's
Gennadiy Shvets collection of CPUs. Extensive pictures and chip ID page. Great forums as well.
Collection of various processors. Information about microprocessor families, packages and sockets. Links. Collection is grouped by manufacturer and then by family.
Gecko's CPU Library
The Overclocking World Record Database, the title speaks for itself ! See and submit overclocking scores for virtually any CPU and see where you stand.
Overclocking World Record Database
(In English and Czech) Virtual CPU museum containing x86 (from 386), SPARC, MIPS, RISC, PowerPC, Alpha and other processors. Very interesting stuff
(in German). Big collection of mostly x86 microprocessors from different manufacturers with pictures and information. Microprocessor packages. Guestbook. Collection is grouped by manufacturer and then by processor family.
 (Chinese and English) If you are an OEM business looking for high precision resistors, look to Riedon. The website is very professional and easy to navigate with a wide range of Resistor search engines to help you find what you're looking for.

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