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Intel 80P23T-25 Q607 ES

Looks like an overdrive chip, but the heat sink could be custom marked

Intel A80486DX- SXE61 ES

Supposedly, this Intel 486 DX is an Engineering-Sample because of the ES marking in front of the model number. No speed marking- yet has an S-Spec that begins with S, rather than Q. This makes it an unusual chip.

Intel A80486SX-16 SX431

First and slowest speed released for the 486 desktop CPU series. Intel 486 SX running at 16MHz, lower power chip.


Intel Pentium PCPU3V90 SZ978

Intel PCPU Processor running at 90MHz with a 3V core voltage.


Intel A80501-60 SX835

Intel Pentium running at 60MHz- has the world "PROCESSOR" printed beneath the Intel Pentium Logo. This CPU has the FDIV bug. What makes it rare is that Intel took back a majority of these "PROCESSOR" versions, trashed and replaced them with regular Intel Pentiums.

Intel A80501-66 SX836

Another Intel Pentium with the "PROCESSOR" logo. This one has the FDIV bug and runs at 66MHz.

Intel Celeron FV524RX366 Q827ES

366MHz Intel Celeron Engineering Sample.

Intel FV524RX400 Q958ES

400MHz Intel Celeron Engineering Sample.

Intel Tualatin 533MHz ES (Unknown Q-Spec)

No markings were made on this chip. Chip posted at 533MHz.

Intel RK80530PZ866512 QCU4ES

Intel PIII-S Tualatin Engineering Sample, running at 866MHz with 512k L2 Cache.

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